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BioMax Microbes with SumaGrow® help Western growers reduce input costs while improving crop quality, yield and profits.

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Western growers

Stop wondering if there’s a better way.

As a grower, you struggle with rising production costs and no ability to increase crop returns. You are probably looking for a more effective solution to the many problems that come with farming such as pests and disease, lack of water, and high chemical fertilizer costs. Your biggest goal is to reduce high production costs while enhancing crop quality and yield.

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BioMax soil microbes

Sell more of your crop, while reducing production inputs.

The key to improving crop yield while reducing production inputs is having healthy soils. BioMax Microbes enhances your soil’s health, which in turn enhances your productivity. Our microbes make your soils more efficient in fertilizer and water uptake.

Let BioMax Microbes Help

Step 1: Let's talk!

Give us a call, and let’s talk about your needs.

Step 2: Create a plan

Create a customized crop plan according to your growing condition: soil nutrient content and water availability.

Step 3: Microbes are delivered!

The microbes in the amount according to our agreed-upon plan will be delivered straight to your farm!

Benefits of Our Microbes

Increased Water Efficiency

Soil microbes increase water efficiency by reducing soil compaction. When soil is compacted, the amount of pore space shrinks, causing the water to run off instead of infiltrating into the soil.

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Reduce Production Costs

With an overall healthier soil and plant, you decrease the amount of chemical fertilizer and other needed inputs The microbes within the soil replace the higher inputs that were once needed.

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Increases Crop Yield

The microbes enrich the soil by improving the availability of soil nutrients to the crop allowing for more production from each plant.

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Reduces Fertilizer Use

Microbes improve the availability of soil nutrients so there is a reduced need for chemical fertilizer.

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Increases Crop Quality

With improved nutrient absorption, each plant produces a higher quality yield with denser nutrient content.

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Increases Overall Profitability

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How Microbes Help Growers Like You

“I’m a believer in this product”

I didn’t purchase a single cup of commercial fertilizer this year, nor did I give the watermelons any special treatment. SumaGrow does the job, I’m a believer in this product.

Arthur Herrin, Fruit and Vegetable Gardener

“We’ve never had this kind of production before”

We’ve never had this kind of production before. It’s amazing the difference this product makes. Everybody tells me these are the best tomatoes they’ve ever eaten. “

Barr Farms, Dairy and Vegetable Farmer

“Since using SumaGrow, we’ve seen an huge increase in orange production”

“We’ve reduced our NPK uses up to 50%, while increasing our fruit quality, brix, and percentage of high grade fruit. Since we’ve been using this product, we have seen a huge increase in our orange crop production.

Pigott Family Orchard

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