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BioMax Microbes

Some of your questions answered:

Q: What is “SumaGrow”?

A: SumaGrow is the liquid concentrate composed of liquid humates and beneficial microbe spores that activate when they are applied to the crop. Legally, we are licensed through SumaGrow.

Q: Do your microbes only work on crops in the Western USA?

A: No, because our microbes are improving the soil’s functionality and health, they work on ANY crop! 

Q: How are your microbes applied?

A: Irrigation systems, spray tanks, spray bottles, or anything that can be incorporated into a water system. Soil applied, Foliar spray, root dip

Q: What happens if I use more than the recommended amount on my crops?

A: There is no evidence that increased application rate will significantly increase the benefits of using our microbes. Because they are a living organism, there is no significant impact on the crops themselves either. The microbes aren’t like a chemical fertilizer where you have the chance of “burning” your crops.

Q: Can the microbes be applied at any time of planting?

A: The application of the spore formula depends on the crop and the region of the country. However, application of the formula too late in the growing season can result in no crop improvement.

Q: What is the dilution rate when applying the microbes?

A: This varies for each crop and soil type.

Q: How many times per year should the microbes be applied?

A: The amounts and number of applications per growing season vary by crop and soil conditions, which is why you need a plan to meet your specific needs.

Q: What is the optimal time of day to apply the product?

A: We recommend applying whenever you apply your standard inputs. However, during droughts and high temperature seasons we recommend application in the late afternoon/early evening.

Q: Do I need to wear protective gear when mixing or applying the microbes?

A: Our microbes aren’t hazardous, however, we recommend wearing protective gear because many people have unpredictable allergies.

Q: What is the shelf life of the microbes?

A: Our microbe formula is in spore form, which means it is dormant. If stored in a place out of direct sunlight between 40 – 80º F, it should last over a year.

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