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Potatoes – South Africa

This past crop season, in the country of South Africa, BioMax performed especially well on farmlands that had been harvesting potatoes for 60 years. In the Limpopo region, BioMax was applied to a number of separate fields, at rates of 0.86 gallons to 1.07 gallons per acre, depending on the soil analysis. 

The highest-yielding field produced the equivalent of 71,225 pounds per acre exceeding the previous record by 2,428 pounds per acre. Yields were over 7500 pounds above the targeted average per acre. With fertilizer reductions and increased yields, profits were at record highs. Comments indicated that potato quality and sizing had improved and that the potatoes could have been left in the ground a few weeks longer further increasing yield per acre and profits. The farmer will be researching this issue during the next crop season.  

In 2009 in Washington State (the State with the highest potato yield per acre), yields were 61,000 pounds per acre, and in 2017 60,000 per acre. This follows a general national agricultural trend that yields have plateaued while chemical usage and toxicity of land and water continue to increase. 

Depending on the soil analysis, BioMax can reduce fertilizer applied by 20 – 50%. One can expect about a 10% yield increase. Soil microbes found in BioMax also aid soil structure and allow the soil to regulate water content – holding onto soil water during hot, dry weather. Depending on the climate and growing conditions, the grower can expect some water conservation. 

BioMax Microbes with SumaGrow∙ (BioMax) has success across many crops including potatoes reducing costs and improving yield and soil and water health while increasing profits. We are sure you have questions: Application methods and rates, fumigants and pesticides when to apply, and how much fertilizer to reduce. It all starts with a soil analysis.

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