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Specialty Crops


Hawaii – Cacao

A trial on Cacao conducted at the University of Hawaii Windward Community College by Professor Dave Ringuette showed plants treated with a product containing SumaGrow® demonstrated a growth increase of 114 percent.

Read trial summary here.


China – Tea

The Chinese government conducted trials on tea in cooperation with Nanjing Forestry University. SumaGrow® treated plants showed an increase in mass and average buds per plant. 

Read trial summary here.



Research on the effect of products containing SumaGrow® was conducted in Mississippi with Michigan State University on corn production. This was a no-till, double blind study conducted in southern Mississippi during extremely dry weather with no irrigation. Plots treated with a product containing SumaGrow yielded 61 more bushels per acre or a 25 percent increase in yield.

Read trial summary here.



This organic corn trial demonstrates that when using a product containing SumaGrow®, producers can reduce fertilizer inputs- even in a high nitrogen demanding crop like corn- maintain crop performance and increase profits. The farmer increased his profits over $30 per acre by reducing fertilizer inputs by half and adding a SumaGrow containing product. 

Read trial summary here.


Game Ranch

Tim Foglio, Bushkill, Pennsylvania

“I would like to thank you and your company for making a product that actually does what it’s supposed to do. There are a lot of products out there that claim ‘miracle results’; your product actually is a miracle. I can honestly say that it is worth the money. I am so impressed after last year’s results that I…have cut traditional fertilizers out completely.” TIM FOGLIO – MANAGER, MINK POND CLUB, A 2,500 ACRE GAME RANCH IN BUSHKILL, PA

Food Plots

Grant Lynch, Alabama

The attached pictures are from Grant Lynch, the president of the International Speedway Corporation and chairman of the Super Speedway of Talladega. He applied a product containing SumaGrow® on the deer plots that are owned by and part of the property of the Talladega Speedway. His email to Wayne Wade, President of Bio Soil Enhancers read: “Thanks Wade, I truly am amazed at the product. Last night I had one hunter who hunted the field with SumaGrow® and another who hunted the one without SumaGrow®. No deer in the one without, 20 in the field treated with SumaGrow®. The fields are less than a ¼ mile from each other.”



We visited with the head of the Binh Thuan Province Farmers Association yesterday and snapped pictures of his young dragon fruit plants. These plants are 4.5 months old. SumaGrow® was applied 40 days ago. The first picture (left) shows the plants on a different microbial product. The second picture (right) shows the plants on SumaGrow®. You can see that the SumaGrown plants are already much taller, some reaching or exceeding the top of the posts. This is unusual for plants of this age. It usually takes 10 to 12 months to reach this height.” We are now applying SumaGrow® to plants in the flowering and fruiting stages to see the effects on grown plants.

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